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Integration Platform for Liferay
(click on the above image for an example of integration)

It supplies services and functions indispensable in the Enterprise environment but not provided for by the Liferay Portal platform, such as for instance the administration and the launching of batch processes even directly in the back end environment – in other cases it supplies an extension of the services offered by the Liferay Portal platform, yet not completely available in the portal itself such as for instance the transmission of messages by SMS or Fax or conventional mail, exchange of communications through data codes, import, export, automatic revision of data (data on firms, users, products, transactions, etc.) between the Portal and the firm Information System

It makes instruments available to integrate back end firm environment, even  complicated and large ones, with the Portal surrounding

The Integration Platform can repeat in the Portal commercial structures, even complicated ones (based on Firms, franchising, functional and territorial agencies, etc,), without having to repeat the data of those structures from the Information system to the Portal

There are possibilities of creating an indefinite number of "Informative Systems", each one with its own characteristics of interfacing and integration with one or more Firm central Informative Systems and their services (processing services, CMS, database, file systems, etc)
For Developers: Available in a single WAR to get indispensable services for integration with Enterprise back-ends
For End Users: Provide essential services indispensable in the Enterprise environment, services not provided by Liferay base package


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