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Some components of the Integration Platform for Liferay:
Handling of the Informative Systems of the Enterprise to which every 0rganization administered in the Portal must interface
System of non intrusive and transparent access to the database of the back end, through the use of Dataservices and without the use of a direct access, making a complete de-coupling between the Portal and the Enterprise's databases
Administrative and managing system of batch processes for their launching both within the portal itself and to those installed into the servers as part of the Enterprise's Informative Systems
Generalized system for import/export of data (Users, Customers, Suppliers, Products, etc,) between the Portal and the Informative system
Accounting system with the handling of credits and credits referred to various services – presently used to enter transactions of  SMS, Fax and PPTT messages transmission but that can be used for any service of the Portal
System for the transmission of messages via Electronic Mail, SMS, Fax, PPTT, by sending them through the distribution code with different priorities and enabling to stop and to repeat the messages. Complete entering of transaction and registration of a life cycle and of the delivery results of each single message. It has been developed so that it can accept the new methods of transmission (Twitter, Tuilio, etc.) some of which will soon be released
Integration with Alfresco Enterprise Content Management for the publication of documents from far away servers, with full control of the view on files even through personalized rules for each single Informative System – not only can the documents be downloaded, but they can even be sent automatically by electronic Mail, SMS, Fax, PPTT. – The system of access to the remote repository (presently based on Alfresco Web Scripts) is about to be enriched by the CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) standard methods, assuring interoperability with practically any remote repository
IBM 5250 terminal emulation system for interactive connections from the portal to the IBM system i (aka AS/400, iSeries, System i)



For Developers: Available in a single WAR to get indispensable services for integration with Enterprise back-ends
For End Users: Provide essential services indispensable in the Enterprise environment, services not provided by Liferay base package