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- Studio 5 Liguria srl
- P.Iva: 00936930098
- Reg.Imp. di Savona nr.101200
- Cap.Soc. € 16.000,00
- address: Via B.Ricci, 5 - 17031 Albenga (SV) - Italy
- fax: +39-02-87369020
- email:


Some projects based on the Integration Platform for Liferay:
(other clients)
Portal based on Liferay Enterprise Portal for the Artisan Association of the Province of Brescia. The portal handles about 2,000 registered users and over 4,000 Firms for communication services. Two relevant services are: automatic sending of SMS/Fax/Email towards the portal users following the entry of a bank debit done by the data centre based on IBM AS400, through an exchange of communication by data Code between the two environments, and self service for the consultation of data regarding their own personnel by the Firms associated (pay packets, mod. 770, reports, etc,) generated by the data centre and filed on Alfresco ECM.
Portal based on Liferay PortaL belonging to Mamberto srl, a national Tour Operator; its function is to give access to the catalogues containing various products to about 4,000 Italian Travel Agencies, hosted in the Alfresco server. The Alfresco server is also used for the Documental Managing of 70 employees and to gather and handle the whole production of the active and passive cycle coming from the backoffice based on the IBM iseries server, which then becomes consultable by the Portal users. It is about to be released for production the booking system/e-commerce through the portal towards the 4,000 travel agencies using the integrated BPMS (Kaleo) to handle the booking and accommodation of groups of tourists in receptive units. As second national seller of trips to Disneyland, Paris, Mamberto is about to release the e-commerce system to the Agencies. The selling process is started through the Portal, transferred to the Firm's backoffice, and then followed by the Agencies in real time through the Portal – all conversations take place through Web Services, REST type.
It can be seen on
Other projects based on Liferay:
Projecting and realization of the Web portal of the firm Clivet spa, a firm from Belluno, European leader in air-conditioning, who has adopted Liferay Enterprise Portal to supply their pre-and after sale services. The portal has almost completely substituted the one based on Oracle Portal and it has been integrated with several processes applied on the Oracle platform. Project and realization of the part of SSO (Single Sign On) integrated with the Oracle platform, and of the part registering the new accounts with control and repetition of the data from the same firm platform.
It can be seen on - the review about the work can also be seen on the Liferay Portal, Inc. at this URL:
(other clients)